A little something to start with

I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time. I have sat and pondered upon what exactly to write, to say, to describe to my friends, my family and perhaps some new friends and family along the way. I have put off starting this for so long and now that I am finally sitting here thinking that I have finally taken the aforementioned plunge, I am left feeling excited, worried, anxious and full of anticipation — of what, I’m not quite certain. However, here I am writing this for you, none the less.

What I hope to bring is daily musings from my life, here in Mexico. I am Canadian. Born and raised. That probably brings up the question as to how I came to live here in Mexico; and that is good one. How time and it’s little consequences, and how one decision can really change your life for better or for worse and sometimes both and back again. That is my story. For better or for worse.

I moved to Mexico, to a city named Cuernavaca. A beautiful city aptly named the city of eternal spring with it’s never ending amount of buganvillas at every corner. But before I get to that, I should start with a short version of how it came to pass that my life forever changed and I packed myself up and went on this crazy adventure of love and life in Mexico.

First of all, I am not retired. Lord am I far from that. I had met someone while still living in Canada and at that time in my life I did not have a huge focus or goal for my future. The proposition to move to Mexico and try life there(here) came up and I put some serious thought into the idea. As it so happens, at this time the current job I had (at the time I thought it was my career) started to snowball into coorperate blunders and I knew that this train was one I was bound to hop off sooner than later. Sooner it was. And that was when I made the decision to pack my bags and go. Not so quickly as that – it felt like ages for the time to pass. I couch surfed for the next 7 (or was it 8) months between two good friends who were kindly enough to put up with me for that long. In return, I made them nourishing, plant-based foods, to spend my time whilst I awaited the date of the departure into the unknown — and that it was.

When the date came so much had happened and changed in such a short period that I didn’t have time to fully process that I had decided to make this move, quit my job and put everything aside for something so unknown and truly unexpected. I panicked!! On the Friday before my Monday flight, I gave up. I wasn’t going. However, with the love and support of my beautiful friend she convinced me that I could go, spend some time travelling, and if all else failed come back. Afterall, I had already quit my job. That wasn’t so bad, was it? So, Monday came. The morning was spent in a frenzy as I officially decided on that morning I was going to go – yes I am a bit neurotic. And off I went.

I was lucky enough to find a teaching job within the first week of landing. I had been taking online courses for teaching english. This was not enough. Gratefully, the school I was hired by had all the curiculumn and resources we needed. Which, if  you have gone to teach English abroad, is almost nothing short of a miracle and I am ever-thankful I did not have to spend hours through trial and tribulation lesson planning. Not my thing!

I was living with a Mexican family that consisted of Mother, Grandmother, daughter, and a maid. It was not a good environment for a quickly departured Canadian girl with no Spanish skills. I felt like I was thrown into the wolves den. And that I was. The happenings of these few months I shall devulge in a further rant, I am sure! It is far too much to simply contain here.

One thing led to another and my time in Cuernavaca needed to transcend and I came to the east coast to Playa Del Carmen and here I currently reside in Caribbean bliss.

This blog is intended to be my story. My attempts and failures at being and living Vegan here in this paradise. I also intend to give tips and helpful guidance to those coming to his area as there is SO MUCH TO SEE AND DO. I needed to say it!!! So much so that even after being here for almost 2 years I still have not gone out and done and seen it all. For that I am thankful, because I will be able to share that with you. I am an aspiring chef and it has been a challenge with the kitchen space and lack of accessable ingrediants and utensils here. That will also be noted upon. I will help with vocabulary and restaurants that are vegan friendly here. All this and I am sure and more as I am not completely set to how it will all come about in the end.

However, what I want more than anything is to share my life, what I find meaningful and perhaps spend some memories together in this crazy tropical ecstacy I am so thankful to be living at 30 years old.

To all that and more I hope you will stick around.

xo – H

p.s more on the blog name and photos in the next entry 🙂


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