A little more on….

I trust you are all making a wonderful start to your Saturday afternoon. Myself, on the other hand, am working the grueling Saturday shift. I work in an office 9 to 5 type deal and Saturdays (and Sundays when they must be worked) are the dreaded days of the week. I am not sure which is worst, the Saturday or the Monday. Monday starts with usually a influx of weekend mailers needing their requests be met a lightning speed – not necessarily true – and Saturday. Well, Saturday is the opposite of that. *Insert bird chirps, crickets if you will*. So, there you have it in a little, neat nutshell. I have something to be happy about. I have this. This wonderful, scream at the top of my lungs, little piece of something to share and work on and write and ….. on and on and so forth. And I am dang darn happy about that!! I am ramble. Have you noticed?

Well, now that, that is aside I can move forward with today’s game plan that is to continue a little bit more about me. One of the reasons I really wanted to start this is that I am a struggling vegan. There I said it. I am not perfect. I am simply me and I am very much so, as we all are…. human! This can be tough and it has been for me as there always seem to be all these rules, restrictions, prejudices, and so many other descriptive words the second you open up your mouth and say you are vegan. It feels almost churchy at times and I feel that my beliefs if I can through that word around here may not match up and I’ll be thrown out of church and stoned. Okay, a bit dramatic. My point is, it is not always easy being who we are. I live in a Country now that still on a very meat-centric food path and I am stand out like a sore-thumb. I am okay with that. I am after all, 5’11” and blonde and load — Foghorn — as my dear lovely friends call me. So, I am aware of the fact that I don’t always fit in. I didn’t come here to fit in. That is the point.

I want this to be as real, as me as possible, and for any of you that knows me I CAN come across as the word is …. obnoxious. I am not, however, really the meaning of the word. I feel this word has lost it’s meaning and is simply used when someone may be loud, boisterous or otherwise but not necessarily offensive. The reason I have come to use this as my name for the blog is simple. So many of us are dreamed this because our views simply don’t mesh with what others views are. Well, that is alright Sunshine. I didn’t come here to always agree with everyone. And it is okay if you don’t either. But we have all dealt with our fair share of ignorance and for that I am here to say I feel you!!

So, now that being said hang onto your belt buckles folks. Things could get bumpy over here but I am down for the ride and I hope you are too. Welcome to The Obnoxious Vegan. Kick. Scream. Yell. Hell, throw some vegetable scraps my way if you must but somethings just got to get out and happen. I’m here to represent that side of us that sometimes ventures off the tracks and manages to find their way back. You may not always like what I have to say, how I say it or what I have to share and I am okay with that I just hope you stick around for the next one and a brighter day will surely shine.

I leave you with one thought today, if you haven’t had this one thrown your way. Have you or how would you deal with a situation of someone telling you that it has been discovered that plants have feelings and are sensitive and that you are a plant murderer? I am serious my dearies… office discussion one day as it has passed, would love to hear your thoughts.

Well, my lovelies. it has been a slice.

love and light – xo – H


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