What’s on offer for Vegetarians in Vancouver, Canada?

Great post! I’m going to check out some of these places one mini-vacay back home.

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When it comes to food, Vancouver has always had a healthy west-coast vibe to it. Now on the cutting edge of the latest trend – part-time vegetarianism – the bustling seaport in British Columbia is dishing out a sumptuous vegetarian spread larger than ever.  

Vancouver has long been a great city for a tofu fix, but now the chefs are branching out into sophisticated vegetarian dining fit to lure even the hard-core carnivores.

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At The Acron, Chef Rob Clarke’s award winning menu features beautiful vegetarian, raw as well as vegan plates. No tofu turkey or fake sausages here, but you’ll never miss meat while dishes like crispy beer-battered halloumi on a zucchine rosti with pureed peas, cauliflower mac and cheese, delicate raw beet, and macadamia nut cheese ravioli are around.

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Exile Bistro‘s plates are always filled with the west-coast’s seasonal wild bounty –…

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2 thoughts on “What’s on offer for Vegetarians in Vancouver, Canada?

    • Yes, Yes, and Yes……. but you shall be there soon and you could try it before me. Lord knows I only get out there once a year. I know that I will be hitting up Gorilla Food for sure and Acorn just looks to darn tempting to pass up!


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