Mother’s Day and Loss

A very happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and all the great woman in this beautiful world we share. Today is not a joyous day for me. I lost my Mother unexpectedly in the August of 2 years ago and for me that has changed this day and what it means to me. Being a mother is a blessing. To create something and bring it forth into the world is something truly wonderful. And I respect and value that. But I didn’t get to wake up today and celebrate how great my mother is but who she was. I get three solid reminders (of course much more) that she has passed from this world and onto the next each year. Her Birthday, the day she passed, and today.

I sit here and I remember today and I remember her. I remember her everyday. Today I take some extra moments to honour the amazing woman that she was. I am sad that I cannot pick up the phone tell her just how great she is and that I love her. But she knew that. She always knew that and I live my life for her to still be continuously proud of me, as she always was. Loss is hard and I am still dealing with it, however, today I am not sad. I am so thankful I had such a wonderful woman that taught me to always be me, do what I want and, as she would tell me, spread my wings and fly. Because of her I am who I am today and I am where I am today. I learned to take risks and don’t look back with regret.

To my Mother, thank you for everything. I love you!

love and light – xo – H


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day and Loss

  1. Sending lots of love to you. Loosing someone is so hard but she will be looking down at you and so happy and proud of you! X


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