It’s official

I don’t know about you but today has been a whirlwind and a die-down of the last three months or so all spilled into one day. Finally all that waiting is over and done. As I have mentioned I am living in Mexico. While it is a dream come true at my **cough**cough** young age there are some regular stresses that must come about in the process. The main one is Immigration. Although, it is actually is not as bad as it could be I will admit that. It is still a worrisome process. If you have moved to another country you’ll know exactly what I mean by this. I have been here in Mexico for just about three years now and it was that time, again, to renew my papers. Once they have been submitted you are in limbo for however long it will take for them to be completed and approved. Today was the day and I have my new card and I am good to go for another wonderful year of adventures and life in the dreamy tropics of Playa del Carmen.

Now that I am winding down to the end of my work day I can finally take a big, deep sigh of relief and finally start my travel plans to visit back home. Which is in British Columbia and I cannot wait to eat, shop, relax, visit and catch-up with my much missed friends and family. I always look so forward to the trip back home but it is short lived and I am well ready to pack up and come back to Mexico on the onset of the week ending. This is usually a result of the wonderful timing of rain and my visits. June, you shall be kind this time around, won’t you? That topped with the fact I usually park my butt on the couch and don’t do much doesn’t make for a very lively stay. This time I do plan on actually doing some activities while back home. Which will of course include some eating time in Vancouver (of course there will be photos and reviews to share) and since it will be June a hike and some most certainly needed mountain and even camping time would be muchly appreciated. Sigh. I can’t wait. Mostly can’t wait for Karaoke. Who doesn’t love karaoke?

I promise to have some recipes up very soon as that is the promise of this blog. I will leave you with that my pretties. I must finish up with work stuff and head on to downtown for some errands.  Mostly, I’ll be just getting the rabbits some food. But more on those two bundles of fir to come. Doesn’t it sound nicer to be running errands? I wish you all a great and wonderful evening.

love and light – xo – H


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