Lovely Lonely Sundays

I promise I have not started this only to not continue it. I am more than certain there will be weeks where I am bombarding you with post after post and weeks, such as this, where I take a little hiatus. It has been a busy week here in PDC. Last Sunday, one of my very good friends, that I had the pleasure of meeting while teaching English in Cuernavaca, was here on a short vacation in Cancun with her parentals.


I was super excited to see her again. She was here for a week about 6 ot 7 months ago and stayed with me when we were still boxed up in our studio apartment. I was excited to have her stay at our new place since the two floors and the extra rooms was a much needed change and a nice welcome to have guests stay with us.


Monday, wasn’t anything special. I worked the late shift (we have to work one shift a week from 11 to 7 instead of the normal 9 to 5). However, mid-day I received a message from my lawyer letting me know that I needed to be at immigration the next day to pick up my documents This lead to another long, late day as I needed to start work early, leave half way through the day to get my documents, and then head back to work to finish the work day. Although, I am more than happy to have my documents, finally, this time it has been a very lengthy and drawn out process as the lawyer I used was less than on time with anything. What should have taken 1 to 2 months maximum took over 3 months to have completed. Well, in hindsight, I am still lucky to even have everything completed and a big ¨here, here¨ to another year to live and enjoy Mexico. Alexis, my boyfriend, met me afterwards to have a celebratory lunch. I had a veggie burger but it wasn’t what I ordered and it fell apart after the first bite. How does this still happen with all the techniques that are available in the veggie burger world. I felt like I had gone back in time and wanted to ask exactly what they used to hold it all together. But wouldn’t want to get obnoxious would I?


i booked Wednesday off to spend with Andrea and her friend Monica. I decided to take them to Akumal where you can swim with the turtles. Since the last time she was here she didn’t make it out I decided that I would take them here for a special day under the sun, catching up and swimming with the turtles – and of course beers on the beach. It was a memorable day and they got to see the beauty of the turtles up close without having to pay for an expensive tour.

Andrea and Monica


Please note that I know that the locals are only trying to make a living but they will say deterrents to you to get you to spend money or more money. This time I was told that if you chose to bring your own equipment (snorkel, mask and flippers) that you would need to rent a life vest as it is mandatory. This is simply not true. It is a public beach. It is swim at your own risk. So, as long as you aren’t swimming out the reef and know your limits and respect to the sea this is simply not needed. By all means if you aren’t with a playense, a local, then for sure take the tour and the guide and the life vest. It was a fantastic day spent together.

AKUMAL                 AKUMAL

We later decided to go out for a drink at a local spot which has cheap litros. These are essential huge glasses of beer for around 4 to 5 dollars. My friends and I here have been going to this spot for the last year and always have enjoyed it up until recently. They have raised the prices which I am sure is to meet demand. However, with the increased prices they also like to add an extra drink or two to your bill. Most people don’t notice this I am sure, as we didn’t at first, usually you will go out in big groups of people here and lose track of who drank what and how many. Since I first noticed that they do this I have kept a tab on my tab and it is always 1 or 2 drinks more. When you dispute this they take the bill and kindly bring it back with the tip (15%) then written on the bottom of your bill. So not only do this wish for you pay for an extra drink they want you to pay them a 15% tip. This is in my opinion is completely distasteful and after this last time I will not be going back there. It’s a shame that they take advantage of people in this way.


Well, that is about all that has happened this week. The rest of the week sort of flew by in a blur. I usually don’t work Sundays but once every three or four weeks here I am. The office is super quiet and so I have time to do other things since there is little to no work that can be done. Only an hour and half to go. Thanks for stopping by and hope you continue to share this adventure with me. Love and light. xo – H


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